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1 Company 3 Services. Nurses & Company provides Home Health, Hospice and Private Service Care to the great St. Louis and St. Charles area. As a locally owned and operated company we are proud to care for our neighbors each day. Let us be a part of your health care journey and experience our continuity of care.

Ann's Blog

The Consequence of Ignoring Depression

Lynn Chartrand

As caregivers we tend to push past the things that are bothering us and focus on caring for our loved one but, ignoring the signs of caregiver depression can hurt not only yourself but your loved one as well.

Below is a list of symptoms of caregiver depression. If you can identify with these symptoms for more than two weeks please contact your doctor.  You cannot be an effective caregiver to your loved one if you do not first take care of yourself.

·         An "empty" feeling, ongoing sadness, and anxiety

·         Lack of energy

·         Loss of pleasure in activities you once enjoyed

·         Sexual problems or a drop in your sex drive

·         Change in sleep patterns, such as waking up earlier than normal in the morning, trouble getting to sleep, or needing more sleep

·         Weight gain or loss

·         Regular episodes of crying

·         Aches and pains that won't go away

·         Trouble staying focused, remembering, or making decisions

·         Grim feelings about the future

·         Feeling guilty, helpless, or worthless

·         Feeling irritable or stressed

·         Thoughts of death or suicide

·         Stomachache and digestive problems


Many people avoid getting help for depression out of a sense of obligation to their loved one or because of the stigma of mental illness. Avoiding caring for your mental health will increase your chances of becoming physically ill and preventing you from continuing to care for your loved one.

Learn How to Effectively Communicate With Doctors

Lynn Chartrand

Learn how to communicate effectively with doctors. A simple statement but a seemingly insurmountable task when caring for a loved one. For those that master this skill the doctor’s office visit can quickly turn from a whirlwind of information and anxiety to a safe place with an ally in the overwhelming maze that is your loved ones illness.


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Make Time for "Me Time" this Spring

Lynn Chartrand

Spring is a great time to start fresh. The air is crisper,  the sun is brighter and I become optimisitic that anything can happen as I watch the beautiful flowers peek out from their winter slumber. So at this time I want to encourage our Carepartners to start something new for themselves. I know you are busy, I know that you have put yourself on the back burner for so long you don't even remember what "me time" looks like but, today I challenge you to carve out some time to focus on you.

I've mentioned before that being a carepartner is a difficult and many time thankless job and that it is important to make sure you are taking care of your own health to ensure that you can care for your loved one. I feel it is so important to also take care of your mental health - something us as carepartners tend to move to the bottom of our never ending list.

Take a few moments now to list a few things that make you happy and no I don't want to see caring for loved ones on this list! Choose one of the things on your list and make a commitment to yourself and to your loved ones to make time in your life for this activity. I personally enjoy reading a good book and make it a point to pick up the latest books from my favorite authors right away so I always have something to read when I need a break.

As the Nike ad says "Just Do It" I guarantee you will come back more energized than before and ready to take on any tasks your day holds with a lighter spirit.


"Carepartner" - A better name for Caregivers

Lynn Chartrand

The role of  a caregiver is complicated because you are in charge of so many details but have no control out of the outcome most of the time. You need to remain a spouse, mother, father, daughter, son or trusted friend while also becoming a nurse, aide and medical expert. You feel the need to give care but still need to partner with your loved one to make sure their needs are met with dignity. All of this is why I think it is time to give you a better name. The spouses and loved ones from our Parkinson Support Group feel they are best defined as "Carepartners" and I agree! So hats off to the strong men and women who care for their loved ones each and everyday as "CAREPARTNERS".

I have seen this so many times in my career as a nurse and in my own life as well. Nurturers give their all for their loved ones each and every day in hopes of making their lives better. When it comes to a health care crisis unfortunately better is not always an options and many "Carepartners" can feel as if they are failing. This is so far from the truth. By stepping up, being there, being present in the life of you loved one during their crisis you are making the greatest difference.

So as you care for your loved one be present in the moment. The tasks you may do for them no matter how small are monumental because of the love and caring you are providing. But, also know that you do not have to do everything yourself. If there is a task that seems beyond you ask for help, you have "Carepartners" in your life that are waiting in the wings to help you too.

Our staff at Nurses & Company are overwhelmed each day by the love and caring of those that stand by their loved ones and provide care for them day and night through a health care crisis. You are the super hero's of health care that work tirelessly in the background. Thank you for all you do for your loved ones. 

If you need support Nurses & Company wants to be there for you as well. To learn more about how we can help check out other pages of our website or call our office  636-926-3722.

How can we help you?

Lynn Chartrand

Over the past 30 years I have watched the world change through health care. Our needs today are far more reaching than they seemed to be when I began as a Home Care nurse. Back then we were a band aid to keep you comfortable as you aged. Today we provide so much more, helping ensure quality of life over simply quantity.

Since opening our doors 22 years ago Nurses & Company has evolved to provide a greater reach of services aimed at helping our patients at each stage of their health care journey. 

Our home care provides services during a health care crisis, after a hospitalization or a surgery. Skilled nursing, occupational therapy and physical therapy play a role in ensuring that our patients are safe and comfortable in their home setting.

Private Services offers assistance with everyday needs from housework to personal care. I like to think of our aides as preventative medicine. As we age there are tasks that take additional effort. Scheduling an aide to assist with these tasks can keep you home longer and keep you safe from injury in the home. Private Services can also be helpful in conjunction with our other services providing additional assistance during a long term illness or after surgery.

Hospice provides comfort in many forms from pain management to end of life preparation. Our compassionate staff is there to care for the entire family providing support in the form of medical care for the patient as well as emotional care for caregivers and loved ones.

What ever the service our Nurses & Company family is dedicated to caring for you and your family no matter your health care journey while keeping you comfortable in your home setting.

I am so honored that so many of our neighbors have entrusted their care to Nurses & Company. We, at Nurses & Company, know there are many choices when it comes to health care. Thank you for considering Nurses & Company.

 If you have questions about our services please call us we can offer services personalized to your needs.

Ann Byrum Groomes, BSN, RN


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