“Carepartner” – A Better Name for Caregivers

The role of  a caregiver is complicated because you are in charge of so many details but have no control out of the outcome most of the time. You need to remain a spouse, mother, father, daughter, son or trusted friend while also becoming a nurse, aide and medical expert. You feel the need to give care but still need to partner with your loved one to make sure their needs are met with dignity. All of this is why I think it is time to give you a better name. The spouses and loved ones from our Parkinson Support Group feel they are best defined as “Carepartners” and I agree! So hats off to the strong men and women who care for their loved ones each and everyday as “CAREPARTNERS”.

I have seen this so many times in my career as a nurse and in my own life as well. Nurturers give their all for their loved ones each and every day in hopes of making their lives better. When it comes to a health care crisis unfortunately better is not always an options and many “Carepartners” can feel as if they are failing. This is so far from the truth. By stepping up, being there, being present in the life of you loved one during their crisis you are making the greatest difference.

So as you care for your loved one be present in the moment. The tasks you may do for them no matter how small are monumental because of the love and caring you are providing. But, also know that you do not have to do everything yourself. If there is a task that seems beyond you ask for help, you have “Carepartners” in your life that are waiting in the wings to help you too.

Our staff at Nurses & Company are overwhelmed each day by the love and caring of those that stand by their loved ones and provide care for them day and night through a health care crisis. You are the super hero’s of health care that work tirelessly in the background. Thank you for all you do for your loved ones.

If you need support Nurses & Company wants to be there for you as well. To learn more about how we can help check out other pages of our website or call our office  636-926-3722.

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