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Over the past 30 years I have watched the world change through health care. Our needs today are far more reaching than they seemed to be when I began as a Home Care nurse. Back then we were a band aid to keep you comfortable as you aged. Today we provide so much more, helping ensure quality of life over simply quantity.

Since opening our doors 22 years ago Nurses & Company has evolved to provide a greater reach of services aimed at helping our patients at each stage of their health care journey.

Our home care provides services during a health care crisis, after a hospitalization or a surgery. Skilled nursing, occupational therapy and physical therapy play a role in ensuring that our patients are safe and comfortable in their home setting.

Private Services offers assistance with everyday needs from housework to personal care. I like to think of our aides as preventative medicine. As we age there are tasks that take additional effort. Scheduling an aide to assist with these tasks can keep you home longer and keep you safe from injury in the home. Private Services can also be helpful in conjunction with our other services providing additional assistance during a long term illness or after surgery.

Hospice provides comfort in many forms from pain management to end of life preparation. Our compassionate staff is there to care for the entire family providing support in the form of medical care for the patient as well as emotional care for caregivers and loved ones.

What ever the service our Nurses & Company family is dedicated to caring for you and your family no matter your health care journey while keeping you comfortable in your home setting.

I am so honored that so many of our neighbors have entrusted their care to Nurses & Company. We, at Nurses & Company, know there are many choices when it comes to health care. Thank you for considering Nurses & Company.

 If you have questions about our services please call us we can offer services personalized to your needs.

Ann Byrum Groomes, BSN, RN

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