How Private Services Improves Quality Of Life For Those Living With Alzheimer’s

If you are an Alzheimer’s caregiver, you are not alone. Here you can learn how private services improves quality of life for those living with Alzheimer’s. The Alzheimer’s Association estimates that more than 6.5 million people are living with Alzheimer’s disease in the United States. This number is growing with more than 11 million Americans caring for a loved one with Alzheimer’s or other dementias. 

Alzheimer’s takes a devastating toll on caregivers. Caring for a loved one with Alzheimer’s or dementia can feel overwhelming as you face increasing challenges including anger, confusion and growing dependance. Since Alzheimer’s is a progressive disease, the role of the family caregiver becomes more demanding as your loved one’s Alzheimer’s progresses. When your loved one’s needs increase, seeking additional support can help greatly improve quality of life for both caregivers and their loved ones living with Alzheimer’s. Nurses and Company’s private services, powered by honor,  can bring an extra layer of supportive care that helps you feel empowered and helps your family regain comfort and peace of mind. 

How private services can improve quality of life for those living with Alzheimer’s

  • Hands On Support. As Alzheimer’s progresses your loved one will need increasing help for their daily needs like grooming, bathing, dressing, personal care and eating. Providing for your loved one’s growing needs can be emotionally draining and physically demanding. Nurses and Company’s caring supportive team brings an extra set of hands-on care for these needs delivered with compassion, dignity and empathy. 
  • Emotional Support. Alzheimer’s is a devastating disease that takes a huge emotional toll on family caregivers. Our team understands the toll you’re living every day. We’re here when you need someone to talk to, a connection who understands your world, a shoulder to lean on and a way to once again feel empowered with a sense of control. 
  • Medication Management. Although current medications cannot cure Alzheimer’s, your physician may prescribe medications to help lessen symptoms like memory loss and confusion or to help slow the disease progression. Taking these medications in the correct dosage at the prescribed times will be important to your loved one’s quality of life. Alzheimer’s medications can be confusing and difficult to manage. Our team helps with medication reminders and education.
  • Companionship. Alzheimer’s can feel very lonely and isolating. There will be times when your loved one needs additional human connection. Our team can spend time with your loved one offering connection and companionship that can help improve their emotional well being.
  • Mobility Support. Dementia is likely to also have a physical impact on your loved one as the disease progresses. They may become more likely to fall, even gradually losing their ability to walk, stand or get themselves up from a chair or bed. Aiding your loved one can become physically demanding. Private services help you gain expert help to ensure your loved one’s safety with hands-on help and connection to resources like lift chairs, walkers and hospital beds. 
  • Extra Help. As an Alzheimer’s caregiver you will often feel your ‘To Do’ list is unending. There will never be enough hours in the day to get it all done. This is another way private services can help provide some relief to your caregiving duties. Nurses and Company supports our family caregivers by assisting with light housekeeping and meal preparation. Just taking a few small chores off your To Do list can truly help you feel less overwhelmed. 


Often caregivers feel guilty asking for extra support. But the reality is that you simply cannot do it all. Accepting support is ensuring you provide the best care possible for your loved one. Alzheimer’s is a challenging disease that takes the combined support of a team of caregivers. Nurses and Company is here to provide the support you need to help improve quality of life for you and your loved one. Our care coordinators are available to help you determine when it may be time for extra support. Reach out to us today for guidance, answers and options and learn how private services can help improve quality of life for those living with Alzheimer’s. 

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